The Art of Social Media



The Art of Social Media exhibition is being organized for the third time this year. It's an International Photo Contest, an ode to social media that aims to promote quality and artistic photography on the internet.

Ten photography categories are competing and the renowned jury will select the top ten photos from each category.

The exhibition is organized by  The Art, an initiative of the company imonline, will take place in Heraklion (8-20 August), in Athens (2-4 September) and Limassol (16-18 September).

Abstract 1
Black & white 2
Landscape 3
Mobile photography 4
Nature 5
Photo series 6
Portrait 7
Storytelling 8
Street photography 9
Travel 10
The Art of Social Media
  • Hara Sklika

    Hara Sklika


  • Pavlos Mavridis

    Pavlos Mavridis


  • Professor Dimitrios Buhalis

    Professor Dimitrios Buhalis

    Tourism Marketing Professor Bournemouth University

  • Vassilis Sarioglou

    Vassilis Sarioglou


  • Robert Körner

    Robert Körner


  • Stavros Habakis

    Stavros Habakis

    Visual storyteller

  • Andreas Sfiridis

    Andreas Sfiridis

    Hotel & Story Teller Photographer

  • Stavros Stamatiou

    Stavros Stamatiou


  • Tim Vasvi

    Tim Vasvi


  • Dr. Ulrike Gretzel

    Dr. Ulrike Gretzel

    Senior Fellow, University of Southern California