The Exhibition

The Exhibition

The exhibition The Art of Social Media is set to take place this year for the fifth consecutive time, marking a successful journey in the realms of art and social media. It is an International Photography Competition that serves as a true ode to the power of social media, with its primary goal being the promotion of high-quality and artistic photography on the internet.

This year, ten captivating photographic categories are in competition, creating a multidimensional space for expression for both artists and photography enthusiasts. The esteemed judging panel, comprised of exceptional professionals in the field, will select the top ten photographs from each category, adding further prestige to the competition.

The exhibition is organized by the specialized company The Art, in collaboration with the Region of Crete. In addition to the impressive exhibition in Heraklion from August 5 to August 17, this unique event will travel to various cities, offering different audiences the opportunity to enjoy this unparalleled collection of photographic talent. The upcoming destinations include Athens (October 11-13) and Limassol (September 18-20), along with a destination that will be announced shortly, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement among the audience.

In 2020, making its debut, the exhibition unfolded its enchanting narrative in Heraklion, captivating audiences from September 1st to 18th. The competition witnessed a staggering participation with over 500 photographs, drawing thousands of visitors. The top 100 selections, curated by the esteemed judging panel, were showcased at the Basilica of Saint Mark in high-quality prints (KFIX, 5mm thickness with aluminum sheet) in dimensions of 30x40cm, 30x53cm, and 40x40cm. These remarkable pieces garnered over 2000 votes through a QR code system, allowing the audience to choose their favorite.

In 2021, the exhibition attracted nearly 1000 submissions, once again presenting the top 100 works at the Basilica of Saint Mark. Thousands of admirers marveled at the artists' creations.

For the first time in 2022, the exhibition ventured beyond the islands, reaching Athens in collaboration with the Hellenic Photographic Society and Limassol in Cyprus, in partnership with the House of Letters and Arts.

In 2023, for the second consecutive year, the exhibition made a triumphant triple presence in Heraklion, Athens, and Limassol. This time, it captured the heart of Cyprus in Link 68, solidifying its reputation as a cultural gem that transcends boundaries.