Contest categories

Contest categories

The art of black and white photography

Black and white photography is the art in which different tones of gray are used, from very light to dark, to create fascinating images. This type of photography has as long a history as the photography itself.

The art of storytelling photography

Narrative photography, also known as storytelling photography is the capture of a story in a photograph. The narrative photo highlights specific details that make it stand out. In this way, it helps the viewer to understand the story he is hiding.

The art of abstract photography

Abstract photography, also known as abstract photography, concerns a huge variety of subjects, to seem completely unusual to us and at the same time to make us question what we see.

The art of shooting with a mobile phone

Mobile photography, also known as mobile photography, is nowadays the most common way to take photos. The art of mobile photography is now considered one of the most fascinating and inventive forms of photography.

The art of portrait

The portrait approaches the personality and identity of a person through a frame. The aim of the portrait is through the photograph to give a sense of emotional connection between the viewer and the person being portrayed.

The art of travel photography

Travel photography, also known as travel photography, captures a travel destination through the lens, through customs, people, landscapes and other cultural elements during a photographer's journey.

The art of landscape photography

Landscape photography refers to the image captured by the lens in an outdoor location. Through landscape photography, the photographer presents a wider view of the location.

The art of street photography

Street photography, also known as street photography, is the kind of photography that tries to isolate and capture moments that might otherwise go unnoticed.

The art of nature photography

Nature photography, also known as nature photography focuses on landscapes, wildlife and plants in their natural environment. Nature photographs capture the daily life of animals, forests or mountains.

The art of the photographic series

The photo series is a set of photos (conceptual photo series) that try to depict in a unique way a subject, a story that can not be transferred with a single frame.