Robert Körner
Robert Körner


Robert Körner was born in Vienna in 1978 and got his first camera at the age of 12.

His grandmother's Kodak Retina 3c introduced him to the world of photography with the impressive sharpness of a Schneider Kreuznach lens. His father taught him the basic functioning of a camera and the basic rules of photography. The purchase of an SLR camera in the early nineties was another big step in the development of his photography. At the same time, school lessons in applied photography and the development of black and white images began.

After acquiring a darkroom in his own children's room, the passion became more and more intense.

After training as a chemical laboratory technician, the reagents for developing photos were made by himself - just to understand the processes of photography on a chemical level as well.

Then began the era of digital photography - which changed everything, took away the magic of many things, but made the limits of what was possible disappear.

A charming wife who always supported him - but much more the birth of two children made a forced break in photography necessary.

Now, with children in their teens, he has found his way back to his old passion with nature and wildlife photography, product photography and some experimental techniques.

Now - as far as his job as head of an analytical laboratory and his second great passion "Iron Maiden" allow it - he seeks out nature every free minute to find space and balance.

There are so many beautiful things out there - open your eyes and hearts - and take pictures!

Robert Körner